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ADAM 4068

ADAM Remote Digital Output Module - 8 Relay Outputs

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System BusRS-422/485 serial
Number of I/O Lines8

There are two ADAM™ modules that provide relay outputs.  Neither offers isolation circuits

  • ADAM 4060 has 4 relay outputs, 2 SPST normally open and 2 SPDT.
  • ADAM 4068 has 8 relay outputs, 4 SPST normally open and 4 SPDT. 

ADAM modules use a single twisted pair of wires to transmit and receive data. All module commands are issued in printable ASCII characters. You can easily panel-mount, DIN-rail-mount, or piggyback-mount modules. Removable screw terminal connectors make wiring and field maintenance easy.

Modules accept any unregulated power source between 10 and 30 VDC. A watchdog timer supervisory function automatically resets the modules in the event of system failure.

Our CyMOD series of modules has been designed with state-of-the art surface-mount technology to be completely hardware and software compatible with the ADAM series, at a somewhat lower cost.  CM 4060, CM 4063, and CM 4067 are relay output modules that roughly parallel the ADAM relay output modulesmodules. 

  Detailed Specifications  More Detail
Product Information
System Bus RS-422/485 serial
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 8
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 8 mechanical relays (outputs)
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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ADAM 4068
ADAM Remote Digital Output Module - 8 Relay Outputs

Driver Software Options
LabVIEW® Controls for Win95/98/200/NT
ActiveX® Controls for Win95/98/NT
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ADAM 4068 2+ weeks
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