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PCMCIA Card Analog Output Card
PCMCIA Card Analog Output Card

Type II PC Card (PCMCIA) Analog Output Card - 2 Channels of 12-bit D/A

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System BusPCMCIA PC Card
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels2
Number of I/O Lines8

The PCYDAC 2 is a two-channel, analog output card for PCs equipped with Type II PC Card slots. It lets you control ananlog devices such as proportional control valves from your laptop computer.

In addition to the analog outputs, there are eight bi-directional digital I/O lines arranged in two, 4-bit ports. They provide the capability of sensing and controlling discrete events (via external signal-conditioning hardware). These ports can be programmed to be either eight inputs, eight outputs, or four inputs and four outputs.

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Product Information
System Bus PCMCIA PC Card
Analog Output
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 2
D/A Converter Resolution 12-bit
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 8
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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Type II PC Card (PCMCIA) Analog Output Card - 2 Channels of 12-bit D/A
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