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Expansion Kit for DSW 34LA Hard Drive Switch
Expansion Kit for DSW 34LA Hard Drive Switch

DISCONTINUED - Expansion Kit for DSW 34LA Hard Drive Switch

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Product TypeMiscellaneous; Drive / storage device

Our new DSW 34 and DSW 54 hard-drive switches are helpful to several users who want to share a single PC or for several operating systems on a single PC.  DSW 34 models are for 3.5" bays; DSW 54 models are for 5.25" bays.  And perhaps the most exciting potential for these switches is in classroom situations in which up to 200 PCs are involved.

With the DSW MSW master switch the instructor has exclusive control over the hard drives used by each class.  There's no need to swap drives in and out for different classes, no replacement of drives because students dropped them or tried to swap them with power on, no need to develop secure storage for drive not in immediate use, and n time wasted while students swap drives.

DSW 34LA, 54LA, and 54KA are two-way switches.  If you need to control more drives, consider the DSW EXA3 kit, which adds one more 3.5" drive, or the DSW EXA5 kit, which adds one more 5.25" drive.  You can add a maximum of two kits to each switch.

DSW 54LS and DSW 54KS are 4-way switches for SATA drives.

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Product Information
Product Type Miscellaneous
Drive / storage device
Features Adds third IDE device to the DSW 34LA hard drive switch (purchase 2 kits to add fourth drive)
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DISCONTINUED - Expansion Kit for DSW 34LA Hard Drive Switch
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DSW EXA3 2+ weeks
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