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ISA Data Acquisition Board - 8 Channels of 30Hz 16-bit A/D, 16 DIO

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System BusISA (8-bit, XT)
Number of Channels8
A/D Converter Resolution16-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput)30Hz
Number of I/O Lines16

CYDAS 8JRHR ISA-bus data acquisition board combines analog inputs with digital input and output capability.  There are eight inputs and eight outputs for sensing and controlling digital devices.  They are port-addressable and afre dedicated to either input or output. All are TTL level. This board also provides up to eight single-ended analog inputs with 16-bit resolution with a fixed range of +/- 5 V.

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Product Information
System Bus ISA (8-bit, XT)
Analog Input Channels
Number of Channels 8
Single-Ended Channels 8
A/D Converter Resolution 16-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput) 30Hz
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 16
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 8 inputs
8 outputs
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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ISA Data Acquisition Board - 8 Channels of 30Hz 16-bit A/D, 16 DIO

Terminal Panel Options
37-Pin Mini Screw Terminal Panel, DB-37M Connector
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