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4-Channel PCI Data Acquisition Board
4-Channel PCI Data Acquisition Board

PCI Data Acquisition Board - 4 Channels of 2MHz 14-bit A/D, 32 DIO, with 2 Channels of 12-bit D/A

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System BusPCI (32-bit, universal keyed)
Number of Channels4
A/D Converter Resolution14-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput)2MHz
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels2
Number of I/O Lines32

Get Synchronized High-Speed, High Resolution Data

Taking full advantage of 32-bit PCI architecture, our PCIDAQ 04M2 data acquisition board offers four channels of simultaneously sampled data at speeds up to 2,000,000 samples per second and 14-bit resolution.

This card offer all the extra features that you have been asking for: two D/A channels, two 16-bit counter/timers, plenty of DIO, bus-mastering DMA, autocalibration, spacious FIFO buffers, and the widest variety of trigger modes and sources in the business. If you need more than four A/D channels, you can synchronize several PCIDAQ 04 boards so that they work together. The 12-bit D/A channels are accurate enough and powerful enough to be used for waveform generation. With all these advantages, we highly recommend these boards for tough applications such as:

  • Automotive and cable testing
  • Transient signal measurements
  • Automated test equipment
  • Laboratory automation
  • Biotechnology measurements

For your convenience, all signals are brought out to a single 68-pin high-density connector. Connect your signals with the TP DIN68S screw terminal panel and the CBL 68C03 cable.

Software That Works Your Way

To smooth your way, CyberReseach offers a FREE versatile and helpful package of free software and drivers, as well as powerful ActiveX controls. All the software options are included on a CD-ROM that comes with the board. Free data-acquisition software modules include:

  • Drivers for Windows®: The CD includes device drivers and DLLs for Windows 98/NT/2000. You can use these drivers to write programs in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, Borland® C5, or any other Windows programming language that allows DLL calls.
  • Special Drivers: Free drivers for the popular LabVIEW™ and Agilent VEE® programs. You need no additional license for these drivers.
  • ActiveX Controls: Users who are familiar with ActiveX controls can use the free control component library for developing appilications.

For the PXI-bus version, please see our PXIDAQ 04M2.

  Detailed Specifications  More Detail
Product Information
System Bus PCI (32-bit, universal keyed)
Analog Input Channels
Number of Channels 4
Differential Channels 4
A/D Converter Resolution 14-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput) 2MHz
Analog Output Channels
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 2
D/A Converter Resolution 12-bit
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 32
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 24 bidirectional (three 8-bit ports)
Auxiliary Digital I/O Configuration 8 inputs
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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PCI Data Acquisition Board - 4 Channels of 2MHz 14-bit A/D, 32 DIO, with 2 Channels of 12-bit D/A

Terminal Panel Options
68-Pin DIN-Mount Screw Terminal Panel, 68-pin SCSI F Connector

Cable Options
CBL 68C03
68-Line Shielded Cable, High-Density Centronics M to SCSI M, 3 ft
CBL 68C06
68-Line Shielded Cable, High-Density Centronics M to SCSI M, 6 ft
CBL 68C10
68-Line Shielded Cable, High-Density Centronics M to SCSI M, 10 ft
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