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PC/104 Analog Output Module - Six 12-bit Voltage Outputs

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System BusPC/104
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels6

CyberResearch’s 4CYDDA 06 is a six-channel analog output board built on the PC104 format. The 4CYDDA 06 is compatible with the CYDDA 16 but has six channels instead of sixteen. Software designed for the CYDDA 16 and CYRDDA 06 (MetraByte™ compatible) will operate the analog outputs correctly.

The analog outputs are controlled by writing a digital control word (two bytes) to the DAC's control register. The control register is double buffered. This means the DAC's output will not be updated until both bytes (low byte first, then high byte) are written to the register.

The analog outputs may also be set for simultaneous update in groups of two, four or six. When a DAC pair is set for simultaneous update, writing a new digital value to the DAC's control register does not cause an immediate update of the DAC's voltage output. Update of the output occurs only after a READ from the board's valid addresses. In this way, the 4CYDDA 06 may be set to hold new values until all channels are loaded, then update your choice of channel pairs simultaneously. This is a very useful feature for process or multi-axis motor control.

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Product Information
System Bus PC/104
Analog Output
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 6
D/A Converter Resolution 12-bit
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PC/104 Analog Output Module - Six 12-bit Voltage Outputs

Cable Options
CBL 3742F
37-Pin Ribbon Cable, 40-Pin Header to DB-37F, 2 ft
CBL 3742M
37-Pin Ribbon Cable, DB-37M to 40-Pin PC/104 Header, 2 ft
CBL 5002
50-Pin Flat-Ribbon Cable, F-F Headers, 2 ft
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