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BPS 2324S

PCI 4-Port RS-232 Serial Interface Card, 920 kbps Data Rate, 16-Byte FIFO Buffer, with 4 DB-9M Connectors

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System BusPCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Data Rate per Port, Max.920 kbps
Number of RS-232 Serial Ports4

The BPS 2324S is a high-performance RS-232 card with 16C550-style UARTs that feature 16-byte transmit and receive buffers to help guard against loss of data in your busy system. The card may be addressed as COM1: to COM4: or any other I/O address you choose from 000 up to 3F8 hex. The backplate has four standard DB-9M connectors.

All ports are capable of operating at speeds up to 920 kbaud simultaneously, making these units ideal for high-speed applications such as ISDN modems.

Interrupt Sharing: The Key to Adding Many Serial Ports

The powerful interrupt feature allows multiple ports on a single card to use the same interrupt. Any of eleven interrupt choices are available for each port. The card is jumper-selectable for compatibility with protocols used by Digi®. This functionality provides drop-in replacement capability at reduced cost. Because each port's address may be defined individually, you don't have to worry about address conflicts the way you would with cards that use 32- and 64-byte blocks for addressing. Our serial cards are compatible with all application software that communicates with a standard serial port using an 8250 or 16C450 UART (the UARTs which virtually all PC's use for serial ports). The card supports the standard RS-232 interface and all the above mentioned features; it's DTE/DCE selectable so no special cables are required.

Drivers are automatically and instantly disabled (and receivers enabled) after transmission of the stop bit. Drivers and receivers may also be controlled with data bits 0 and 1 by writing to the base address+7 for the port (MetraByte COM-485 protocol compatible). RTS and CTS flow control is supported as well. Convenient on-board jumpers allow for 220-ohm termination as needed for each driver and receiver.

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Product Information
System Bus PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Data Rate per Port, Max. 920 kbps
FIFO Buffer Length 16 Bytes
I/O Ports
Serial Ports UART/Controller Type 16C954
Number of RS-232 Serial Ports 4
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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BPS 2324S
PCI 4-Port RS-232 Serial Interface Card, 920 kbps Data Rate, 16-Byte FIFO Buffer, with 4 DB-9M Connectors
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BPS 2324S 2+ weeks
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