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48-Channel Digital Output Board
48-Channel Digital Output Board

ISA Digital Output Board - 48 Digital Outputs, High Voltage

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System BusISA (16-bit, AT)
Number of I/O Lines48
Our CYDO 48HV digital output-only high-voltage direct-drive board acts like a set of nonisolated solid-state relays--each circuit is an NPN Darlington transistor configuration. All outputs are open collector and incorporate clamping diodes for transient protection. Because there is a small amount of OFF current flowing, like a solid-state relay, the HV is not ideal for switching very low-level signals. If you have a circuit that is suitable for solid-state relays and does not need isolation, then this might be the answer. The ability to withstand transients, connect directly up to 50V, and sink as much as 500mA make the HV ideal for controlling lamps, relays, printer hammers, and similar loads.
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Product Information
System Bus ISA (16-bit, AT)
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 48
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 48 outputs (six 8-bit ports)
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ISA Digital Output Board - 48 Digital Outputs, High Voltage

Terminal Panel Options
CYERB 08-100S
Relay Panel - 8 SPDT (Form C) 5A or 10A Socketed Relays, with Two 50-Pin and Two 100-Pin Connectors
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