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PCI Digital I/O Board - 16 Isolated Inputs, 16 SPDT (Form C) Relays, Two 50-pin Connectors

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System BusISA (8-bit, XT)
Number of I/O Lines32

Our CYPDISO 16 is two CYPDISO 8s on one card with two 50-pin connectors. Each connector maps to a DB-37 with CBL 3750 cables. It has 16 channels of isolated input with 16 channels of relay output.

CyPDISO 16 is simply two CyPDISO 8 boards' electronhics combined on a single board. There are two connectors and two sets of registers,each identical to the singe set found on the CyPDISO 8. The connector pin assignments are similar, but the connector type is different. The CyPDISO 16 uses two 50-pin header connectors.

The outputs consist of eight relays per connector, 16 total for the board. Each of the relays is Form C (DPDT). However, if the board is implemented with cable adapters such as the CBL 3750, the 16 relays provide the equivalent of ten Form C (DPDT) and 6 Form A (SPST-NO) contacts because of connection limitations. The relays are controlled by writing to one of two 8-bit ports.  The state of the relay control register can be read back from the same port.

The inputs are two sets of eight individual optically isolated (500 V) inputs. Each set can be read back as a single byte. These inputs are not polarity sensitive and may be driven by either AC (-28 to +28 Vrms, 50 to 100 Hz), or DC (-28 to +28 Vdc). Each input has a switchable low-pass filter.

Our CYPDISO 8 is a low-cost, 8-channel isolated interface board which allows you to directly connect your PC to AC or DC voltage sources. It is a drop-in replacement for the PDISO-8 from MetraByte®. Isolation voltage is a minimum of 500V channel-to-channel and channel-to-ground.

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Product Information
System Bus ISA (8-bit, XT)
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 32
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 16 isolated inputs
16 mechanical relays (outputs)
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PCI Digital I/O Board - 16 Isolated Inputs, 16 SPDT (Form C) Relays, Two 50-pin Connectors

Terminal Panel Options
CYERB 08-100S
Relay Panel - 8 SPDT (Form C) 5A or 10A Socketed Relays, with Two 50-Pin and Two 100-Pin Connectors

Cable Options
CBL 3750
50-Pin Adapter Cable, Brings Out 50-Pin Header to DB-37M Connector on a PC Backplate.
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CYPDISO 16 2+ weeks
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