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ISA-Bus Mechanical Relay Board (CYREL 16 shown)
ISA-Bus Mechanical Relay Board (CYREL 16 shown)

ISA Mechanical Relay Board - 32 SPDT (Form C) Relays

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System BusISA (8-bit, XT)
Number of I/O Lines32

The CYREL series of ISA relay interface boards offers 8, 16, or 32 Form C (SPDT) relays  These boards are ideal for industrial applications because they are rated for shock up to 10g (11 ms) and for vibration up to 1.5 mm double amplitude from 10 to 55 Hz.

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Product Information
System Bus ISA (8-bit, XT)
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 32
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 32 mechanical relays (outputs)
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ISA Mechanical Relay Board - 32 SPDT (Form C) Relays

Terminal Panel Options
CYERB 08-100S
Relay Panel - 8 SPDT (Form C) 5A or 10A Socketed Relays, with Two 50-Pin and Two 100-Pin Connectors
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