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Custom Cables
Special Cables and Adapters  
If you don't see what the cable you need amoung our hundreds of computer cables, call us and we'll design it for you -- without the restrictive large-quantity order requirements of other companies.
With 25 years of experience providing cabling to scientists and engineers, we can help you add upgrades to your industrial sytems by adapting modern components to older equipment.

When deciding on custom PC cables and adapters there are a few questions to consider:

  • Is the distance between devices unusually short or long?
    We can provide cables at any length that's not constrained by the available technology, and solutions for those that are.
  • Is the total space available for the cable or adapter contrained in some way?
    We can make angled connectors, adapters, internal and external connections to fit into tight spaces.
  • Is a conversion needed from one connector type to another?
    We've been engineers for a while ourselves, so we know what it's like when a connection standard you rely on gets replaced by something new. We specialize in creating bridges between legacy systems and modern technology for minimum down time.
  • Is the cable going to be used in a challenging environment?
    We can create waterproof, vibration-resistant, shielded, and MIL-STD connectors for outdoor use, dirty environments, and wash-down situations. Our cables can be found in nuclear power plants, naval facilities, factories, outdoor research sites, and first-responder vehicles.

Interface to Existing Field Wiring

Our customer needed to connect their decades-old field wiring with an updated data acquisition system, but without changing anything at all on the densely populated mounting hardware. We designed a custom field wiring interface system with multiple custom cables that included special 45° metal connector shells and custom interface boards fitted into a very limited space.

Field Wiring Retrofit

Rackmounted Board and Wiring

A nuclear power industry customer needed to upgrade a component of their system while leaving field wiring and other existing equipment in place. We engineered a system to transition from a large number of cables to custom rackmount boards, designed to interface with their system.

Data Acquisition Field Wiring

Give us a call at 1-800-341-2525, click the message button in the upper left corner, or write us.