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Custom Chassis
Custom Chassis, Enclosures, and Mountings  
Some projects require custom chassis or bezels, with specific requirements for size and shape, environmental issues (high heat, dust, etc.), coatings, as well as branding and colors. Our in-house engineering team can design your custom metalwork. With years of experience with industrial PCs, our chassis includes lots of features not found in office PC chassis.  

Some options for your custom chassis include:

  • Rugged steel or heavy-duty aluminum case
  • Chassis form factor, drive bays and expansion card slots to your specifications
  • Extra fans and washable filters to combat heat and dust in an industrial environment
  • Active heating or cooling components for extreme environments
  • Chassis health monitoring systems to alert you to potential problems with your system
  • Anti-vibration card and drive holders to protect against shock and vibration
  • AC/DC, DC/DC, high-efficiency, and redundant hot-swappable power supplies
  • Tamper-resistant features such as lockable doors and drive encryption
  • Hot-swappable pull-out drives
  • Custom paint, coating, surface treatments, and private-label branding

Upgrade to Old Control Panel

A nuclear power plant customer needed to replace their bank of old CRT monitors with new displays, without making any mechnical modifications to their control panel.

We designed and built a customer-specific mounting system for a modern LCD monitor and designed it to allow for six degrees of adjustment to simplify retrofitting. We even included space for a new panel-mount PC.

Custom LCD and PPC Enclosure

Custom Monitors in Legacy Mounting

Our customer wanted a simple, fast way to inspect images from multiple security cameras, and the solution had to drop into an existing panel cutout with no modifications.

We created custom panel-mount monitors with touchscreen LCD displays and joysticks built right into the front bezel. On the back, we added a mounting bracket for a camera network and video routing interface module. Each monitor could then show multiple security camera images simultaneously, with touchscreen interaction for each camera. For additional image control, the joystick could control camera axis of motion and zoom. The rugged stainless steel bezel was sealed against dust and moisture, with a mounting that perfectly matched existing screw holes.

Security Display with Joystick Security Display with Joystick

Special Requirements for Luxury Yachts

If you've ever captained a ship at night, you know that it is absolutely vital to see your night-running radar, maps, and navigation systems. While the best results for bridge visibilty is a very dim control panel. But if you dim down a regular LCD display low enough for optimal viewing, whole sections of the screen drop to black as backlights turn off, while the rest remains too bright (and the backlighting sometimes does not come back up immediately).

We designed a LCD monitor for a luxury yacht builder with fine resolution dim-to-zero display circuitry to solved this problem. It could also go to full sunlight-readable brightness for day viewing on the open sea. Added to this were custom flush-mount panel mounting with NEMA 4X sealed corrosion-resistent front bezels with a choice sizes and colors, and choice of 24VDC power or autoranging 90-264VAC power supplies.

Custom LCD Monitor

Multiple Monitors into Existing Panels

Our customer told us it was vital to view lots of data simultaneously in their complicated control room, and that the panel cutouts were already in place. We designed special steel narrow-bezel LCD monitors for them to drop into place. The units were set up and carefully tested for quality control before being installed into the control room.

Custom CyRAQ Monitors

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