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Custom Embedded PC Systems
Industrial Embedded Systems  
CyberResearch has years of experience with custom embedded PC systems and computer components. As specialist in industrial and scientific computing, we understand our customers' needs for rugged, reliable products, and the challenges of retrofitting control rooms and labs.
When you order an embedded PC system from CyberResearch, we check for hardware and software compatibility. Then we build and rigorously test the system to ensure proper operation, so that you can take your system out of the box, set it up, and get to work.

Our in-house engineers have years of experience designing and manufacturing embedded PC systems and embedded computer components for nuclear power plants, luxury yachts, factories, and other applications. We stand behind our work with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent follow-up customer service.


We take you through the design process step-by-step:

  1. Define your application, with the help of our experienced engineers, including environmental requirements, budget, and schedule.
  2. Specify the hardware components, such as chassis, motherboard, memory, power supply, and drives.
  3. Determine OS and software requirements, checking for hardware and software compatibility.
  4. Define any peripherals or accessories to ship with the system.
  5. Design your custom system for your approval, creating drawings and prototypes.
  6. Design any required private labeling, logos or custom colors, and packaging.
  7. Manufacture and source the required components and perform quality control inspections.
  8. Load the hardware and software and test system performance.
  9. Create paper and electronic documentation on how to install and operate your embedded PC system.
  10. Develop a service and support plan for maintenance, upgrades or end-of-life replacements.

Multiple Computers into Existing Panel Cutouts

Our customer needed to embed a bank of PCs into an existing industrial control panel. We gave them a custom solution which included a bezel to matches the existing control panel mountings and a built-in joystick for added functionality.

Custom CyRAQ Computers

Embedded Industrial PCs

Our rugged small form factor computers are designed to be embedded in an industrial panel PC; bolting to the back of an industrial LCD display. The modular PC case design fits a range of different LCD displays and swaps out quickly. Alternatively, they can be bolted to a wall, workbench, or in a factory control system. Expansion slots, I/O connectors, processors and chassis color can all be customized.

Custom Embedded PC Systems

Give us a call at 1-800-341-2525, click the message button in the upper left corner, or write us.