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Short-Run Product Engineering
Short-Run Product Engineering  

Our Applications Engineers have years of experience solving tough computing problems using off-the-shelf components. Some projects, though, require a custom solution. CyberResearch can design and build prototype and short-run custom computer products without requiring a large minimum quantity order. When you're ready for longer OEM/ODM production runs, we can manufacture them as well. We handle project planning and deadlines, documentation and labeling, product testing and quality assurance.

Updated Analog Interface Board

Knowing that we've have been selling and supporting data acquisition products for 25 years, one of our customers contacted us with a request to design an improved version of their 1970s analog data interface board, including new custom features.

Updated Analog Interface Board

Custom Field Wiring Connections

Our nuclear power plant customer wanted to upgrade their equipment without any modifications to existing field wiring. We designed PCBs to break out an ELCO connector in individual barrier terminals, then designed custom rack-mounting plates to bring in a large number of connections into densely packed control racks.

Custom Field Wiring System

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