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Miniature Optical Mouse with USB Connector
Miniature Optical Mouse with USB Connector

Miniature Optical Mouse with Travel Pouch, Black

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Pointing Device TypeMouse (optical)
Pointing Device Buttons2 buttons
Protection RatingNEMA 1
Connector Compatibility (with included adapters)PS/2 (6-pin mini-DIN male); USB (Type A / rectangular male)
Miniature Optical Mouse with USB Connector Miniature Optical Mouse Ideal for Laptop PCs Miniature Optical Mouse Uses Less Than 30% of the Space Used by a Standard Microsoft® Mouse
Many people find it inconvenient to switch back and forth from the mouse on their desktop PC to using a touchpad or trackball on their laptop PC. CyberResearch's OIX MMS miniaturized optical mouse allows pointing operations to remain the same in both environments. Plus, this optical mouse is maintenance-free--no ball or moving parts to clean! The OIX MMS miniature optical mouse is ideal for productive mobile computing. It fits neatly into PC carrying cases (especially using the supplied travel pouch) and is small enough to fit on the palm rest of most laptops. Smooth and precise optical technology works on any textured or patterned surface. PTFE (polytetrafluorethelene) skid pads allow the mini-mouse to glide cleanly over desktops and a wide array of other surfaces--no mousepad required! To conserve power in the field, the optical light-emitting diode in the mouse automatically dims when the mouse is not in motion. Only 2.7" long and 1" wide, the USB-based OIX MMS comes with a PS/2 adapter. The attractive polycarbonate mouse case is translucent gray with a silver band in the middle and provides conventional left- and right-click buttons. An ultra-thin Kevlar®-reinforced 2.5-foot cord connects the mouse to the host computer.
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Pointing Device
Pointing Device Type Mouse (optical)
Tracking Technology Optical (senses changes in surface patterns)
Pointing Device Buttons 2 buttons
Mounting Configuration Desktop / benchtop
Protection Rating NEMA 1
Construction - Chassis Material Plastic
Color Black
Cables & Connectors
Connector Compatibility (with included adapters) PS/2 (6-pin mini-DIN male)
USB (Type A / rectangular male)
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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Miniature Optical Mouse with Travel Pouch, Black
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OIX MMS 2+ weeks
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