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4-Channel PCI Quadrature Encoder Board
4-Channel PCI Quadrature Encoder Board
(shown with optional CBL 3703-Q9 cable)

PCI 4-Channel Quadrature Encoder Board

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Product TypeMotion controller
System BusPCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Number of Channels4
Our CYQUAD 04P is a PCI plug-in board that provides inputs and decoding for up to four incremental quadrature encoders. It can also be used as a high-speed pulse counter for general counting applications. The CYQUAD 04P uses one PCI slot and two backplate slots. Encoders connect to the CYQUAD via DB-37 connectors in the backplates. For our ISA-bus version, see CYQUAD 04.
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Product Information
Product Type Motion controller
System Bus PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Number of Channels 4
More Info

Interrupt Controller:

  • Controller Type: 8259 programmable interrupt controller
  • Configuration: Polled mode only
  • Interrupts: INTA#- mapped to IRQn via PCI BIOS at boot-time
  • Interrupt Enable: Programmable through PLX9052 INTCSR
  • Interrupt Polarity: High or low level; programmable through PLX9052; rising/falling edge;programmable through PLX9052
  • Interrupt Sources: All carry/borrow outputs from LS7266RI, all index inputs
  • Counter Type: LS7266RI 24-bit, dual-axis quadrature counter
  • Quadrature Mode Clock Frequency: 4.3MHz max.
  • Quadrature Mode Separation: 57ns min.
  • Quadrature Mode Clock Pulse Width: 115ns min.
  • Quadrature Mode Index Pulse Width: 85ns min.
  • Count Mode Clock Frequency: 30MHz max.
  • Count Mode Clock A High Pulse Width: 14ns min.
  • Count Mode Clock A Low Pulse Width: 14ns min.
  • Filter Clock: 10MHz
  • Digital Filter Rate: 10MHz, software-selectable divider (1 to 256 in single steps)
  • Crystal Oscillator Frequency: 10MHz
  • Crystal Oscillator Frequency Accuracy: 100 ppm
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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PCI 4-Channel Quadrature Encoder Board

CBL 3703-Q9
37-Pin Cable, DB-37F to Four DB-9F Connectors, 3 ft
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