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Stepping Motor Speed/Torque Curves
Stepping Motor Speed/Torque Curves
ORM 243K-1

NEMA Size 17 Stepping Motor, 29 oz-in Holding Torque, Single-Shafted

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Shipping: 1-2 weeks
Motor Type2-phase stepping motor
Motor SizeNEMA Size 17
Number of Wires (leads)6 wires

The ORM 243K-1 comes in a standard NEMA 17 mounting size. Sporting a low-vibration, low-noise design, the motor significantly outperforms other motors its size. It features a keyed shaft for easy, slip-free attachment of your load.

The motor has a 1.8° step size, for 200 steps per revolution. In half-step mode the step size becomes 0.9° for 400 steps/rev. Micro-positioning in 0.18° or smaller steps is possible when used with our microstepping drivers, which can produce from 10 to 256 microsteps for each full step. Absolute positioning accuracy is rated to be within ±5% of one full step.

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Product Information
Motor Type 2-phase stepping motor
Motor Size NEMA Size 17
Shaft Type Single-shafted
Electrical Specifications
Number of Wires (leads) 6 wires
Current Per Phase (series) 700mA
Detailed Specifications More Detail
Ordering - Includes Options Indicated Below
ORM 243K-1
NEMA Size 17 Stepping Motor, 29 oz-in Holding Torque, Single-Shafted
ORM 243K-1-B
NEMA Size 17 Stepping Motor, 29 oz-in Holding Torque, Double-Shafted

Motor Mount
MMT 240
Mounting Bracket for ORM 24xx Series NEMA Size 17 Motors

MDP 240
Damper for ORM 24xx Series Motors
Catalog # Shipping Price (with options) Qty  
ORM 243K-1 1-2 weeks
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