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Rack-Mount 14-Outlet Line Conditioner
Rack-Mount 14-Outlet Line Conditioner
SRL 2400

SRL 2400 Rack-Mount 14-Outlet Line Conditioner, 2400W

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Mounting ConfigurationRack-mount (EIA RS-310C Standard 19")
Nominal Output Power2.4kW
Our SRL 2400 rack-mount line conditioner keeps you equipment working during brownouts without using emergency UPS systems or auxiliary generators. It automatically compensates for undervoltage and overvoltage, providing safe computer-grade power at all times. The unit attenuates line noise with 80 dB of noise suppression at 1 MHz.
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Mounting Configuration Rack-mount (EIA RS-310C Standard 19")
Height, Rack Units 3U (5.25")
Nominal Output Power 2.4kW
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SRL 2400
SRL 2400 Rack-Mount 14-Outlet Line Conditioner, 2400W
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SRL 2400 2+ weeks
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