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PWR 250

250W AT Power Supply

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Power Supply Form FactorStandard ATX or PS/2-size
Power Supply Output TypeAT
Nominal Output Power250W
Peak Output Power250W
Input Voltage Range(s)90...132 or 180...264VAC

Where space permits (and when there are no hot-swap or redundancy issues), it's easy and inexpensive to upgrade the power supply that comes with your CyberResearch industrial PC systems.  You pay only the difference in price between the standard power supply and the upgrade model.

However, some chassis require unique power supplies that make them difficult to upgrade.  Please call our application engineers to confirm upgrade options.

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Power Supply Form Factor Standard ATX or PS/2-size
General Specifications
Power Supply Output Type AT
Nominal Output Power 250W
Output Specifications
Peak Output Power 250W
Output Voltage(s) +5VDC
Input Specifications
Input Voltage Range(s) 90...132 or 180...264VAC
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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PWR 250
250W AT Power Supply
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