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CyMOD™ RS-422/485 Repeater Module
CyMOD™ RS-422/485 Repeater Module
CM 4510

CyMOD RS-422/485 Repeater Module

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System BusRS-422/485 serial
Data Rate per Port, Max.115.2 kbps
Number of RS-422/485 Serial Ports1
CyMOD™ RS-422/485 Repeater Module Wall-Mount Plate for CyMOD™ Series Modules

The CyMOD™ CM 4510 RS-485 signal repeater you add modules to your network (add one for every 128 modules up to 256 modules per network), or extend the network another 4,000 feet (1.2km).

The module automatically controls the RS-485 bus direction without external handshaking signals from the host. Host software written for half-duplex RS-232 may be used without modification.

Supplied with removable DIN-rail mounting clip and painted steel mounting plate for wall-mounting. Without DIN clip, module is just 1" (25mm) high.

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Product Information
System Bus RS-422/485 serial
Data Rate per Port, Max. 115.2 kbps
I/O Ports
Serial Ports Number of RS-422/485 Serial Ports 1
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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CM 4510
CyMOD RS-422/485 Repeater Module
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CM 4510 In Stock
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