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32-Channel Multiplexing Panel
32-Channel Multiplexing Panel

32-Channel Analog Input Multiplexing Panel (32 inputs to 2 outputs)

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Number of Channels32
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels2
Number of I/O Lines4

The CYEXP 16 is a signal conditioning accessory board that expands the number of analog inputs and the range of amplification of the CYDAS 8, 800, 1200, 1600 and CYDAS 16 family of boards. Used with an 8-channel A/D board, CYEXP panels can be daisy-chained to provide up to 128 inputs. Your A/D board selects the CYEXP input to be read using 4 digital output lines.

The CYEXP 16 has 16 inputs in one bank, which is connected to a jumper block labeled "EXP Output to DAS." The bank of 16 inputs is multiplexed to one output channel. This output from the CYEXP 16 is connected to one analog input of the A/D board in your computer. The analog input channel on your A/D board must be single-ended to be compatible with the CYEXP. The CYEXP 32 is two CYEXP 16s on one panel, multiplexing 32 differential input channels onto two single-ended A/D channels on your DAS board

An on-board Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) sensor can be mapped to an unused A/D channel to increase the accuracy of thermocouple readings if some of your signals are from thermocouples.

The CYEXP 16L and CYEXP 32L are the same as the regular CYEXP boards, but they use lift-off terminal strips. This is useful for data acquisition systems that must be shared between applications.

Input gain is selected for each bank of 16 channels. The on-board gain amplifier can provide gains of 1, 10, 100, 200, and 500. These gains are selected via a DIP switch, and are additive - by setting both the 500 and the 200 switch ON, you achieve a gain of 700. Gain range should be set to provide an output in the ±5V (preferred) to ±10V (max) range. As this is an analog-to-analog panel, the output range is directly related to the input signal and the gain setting. Of course, if no gain is selected, signals are passed straight through without amplification (gain=1).

The CYEXP family also features 8-channel RTD and bridge, 16-channel RTD, or bridge completion multiplexing panels.

Note: Our CYEXP 32L-5PK is special order, for a pack of five multiplexing panels. (If you need more than five, please call.) Leadtime approximately 8 weeks. Sorry, no returns on this item.

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Product Information
Designed to Replace Keithley Metrabyte EXP-32
Analog Input Channels
Number of Channels 32
Differential Channels 32
Analog Output Channels
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 2
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 4
Configuration 4 inputs
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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32-Channel Analog Input Multiplexing Panel (32 inputs to 2 outputs)
32-Channel Analog Input Multiplexing Panel (32 inputs to 2 outputs) with Optional Removable Terminal Strips, Qty 5

Terminal Panel Options
Rack / Bench Enclosure for STA, CYERB, CYEXP, and CYSSR Terminal Panels
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